Sunday 1 January 2023

Laura's Airbnb - Episode 11

As hard as it might be at times, I'm still sticking to my word and not getting involved with any of my Airbnb guests.  I can't say the same for a certain friend who was over for a soak in my pool though.

And while I will admit that I couldn't resist pleasuring myself while listening them go at it, if they are going to fuck in the communal area of my house, I really don't think I can be judged too harshly for that. It's not as if I'm spying on them whilst they are in the privacy of their own room. 

Actually, I think I deserve some credit for being able to read the sexual tension in the room and leaving to give them the space they needed to be able to act on their obvious desire for each other.

I wonder if they have hooked up since? Perhaps for some more massage sessions. Ones with happy endings, of course. Or was it just a holiday fling for Mike?

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