Friday 13 January 2023

Sex in the Shower Day

Shower sex is fucking hot. Like maybe even the hottest fucking sex there is. I fucking love it. But it's not always easy and there can certainly be challenges to it.

For instance, there can be all sorts of slipping and sliding going on whilst you both try to find some traction or something to grip on to. A good non-slip shower matt can certainly help with that by giving you a firm base to work on.

Limited space can also be an issue, whether it's simply difficult to get both of you in the tight space of your shower or perhaps you both want to get under the shower head but cannot. Some experimentation with positions may be necessary to find something that actually works in that moment, so be patient and keep trying things until you hit a sweet spot.

Then make sure any shower clutter is in its place. The last thing you want when you are in the throes of passion is for a rogue shampoo bottle to roll under your feet and send you both ass over tit. Knocking something over is especially likely if you keep it on a ledge or bench that may be a very convenient place to foot or a bum when trying to solve the conundrum of what position works best.

That said, one thing that you might want to keep close at hand is some shower-suitable lube. Although water is wet, it does not make great lubrication for penetrative sex. In fact, it can actually hinder the vagina's natural ability to lubricate itself. Some silicon lube can easily solve that though. As tempting as it can be, don't try to use soaps or shower gels; as contradictory as it may sound, they can lead to vaginal infections.

The above can also hinder condom use as the water interferes with the condoms lubrication. That can cause them to be more likely to slip off or rip from the increased friction, especially since hot water can weaken the latex, as can ingredients in soaps and body washes if you are using any of those on each other whilst getting in the mood.

And, on the note of safe sex, having sex in the shower obviously does not protect from STIs or pregnancy if you decide to go without protection. It's always so shocking to hear how many people believe those old myths that shower sex is inherently safe sex. No, it's not!

OK, so let's assume that you've ticked off all those boxes and are ready to do the deed, what might work best?

Well, this might be controversial, but shower sex doesn't need to be all about penetration. I would say that there is no better time for some sexy hot oral than in the shower. One of you up standing up against the wall while the other drops to their knees to tease and please. That's what I'm talking about!

But he really wants to stick it in there? OK, if you insist.

How about some standing doggy up against the shower wall? That's nice and efficient with the amount of space required, as long as you can both keep your footing. Maybe with a bit of reach round for some clitoral stimulation? Now we're talking!

Or how about some classic cowgirl or sit and ride if either of you are struggling to remain up right. Sitting down has got to make that easier right? It requires a bit more space to spread in but you can get a nice firm base to operate from.

And then there are all the possibilities that can be added by parking yourself on a bench if your shower has one. A bit of chairperson (i.e. reverse cowgirl) can go down a treat, especially if there is more of that reach round action. Fondle my tits and rub my clit while you fuck me.

But whatever positions you try, I would suggest just giving a moments thought to where you are relative to the shower head. Better to have the water falling on your backs or chests than in your faces. If needed, just have little shuffle around to achieve that, if necessary. Assuming space allows, of course.  

Now, thinking about all of these sexy shower options is making me so fucking wet. In a totally different way to the wetness you get when showering, of course. You know what I mean! So, if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go and take a nice cold shower by myself to cool off a bit!

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