Thursday 30 March 2023

Going Nude for De Oranje Fotografie

As hard as it maybe to believe, I don't always wear red. Fashion photographer God's Speed did his best to coax me into showing of some of my other styles as well for this shoot in his magazine.

He may have regretted that after my indecision over choosing some alternative outfits to model meant that it took me an age to get ready. I was probably just overthinking things though. It's not like I was wearing any of it by the end of the shoot! 

The writing for that was definitely on the wall when he encouraged me to pick something nude-themed for one of my outfits.. He meant the colour, of course, but it was a prescient choice of words.

I highly recommend you go and check his other shoots out. They are well worth a look, and not just to see my bare booty. He has plenty of other great stuff to see as well. 

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