Wednesday 5 April 2023


OK, I'll admit it; I've stayed quiet on this inequality for far too long and, for that, I am ashamed.  So it's time to put things right!

No longer will I stay quiet on this matter. One that I know many feel very passionately about. For that reason, I feel like it is time for all of us to get behind the #SocksForAll movement!

That's right; for some unfathomable reason, men continue to be denied their right to wear socks.

It's time that we all collectively demand that men and women can both enjoy this basic human commodity. And that is why I stand behind #SockEquality. And what better way to do that by embracing another popular meme to repurpose it to support this noble cause.

But what do you think? Should men be allowed to wear socks as well? Let me know!

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