Tuesday 11 April 2023

Tail Watch

You can keep your chocolate eggs and bunnies because I spotted something infinitely more delicious looking down at the beach this past Easter Sunday. 

Amanda and I were simply comparing bunny tails but Bum Watch, or I suppose in this case I should say Tail Watch, could not keep its eyes off of this yummy looking specimen.

I know, I know, I always say that I'm not into women, but fuck me, Amanda's ass looked incredible in her mint green bad bunny outfit. I just wanted to bury my face in it and eat it so bad! 

She wouldn't even let me take a nibble though! Instead she hopped around like a cute little easter bunny, teasing me with the jiggle. Then she was practicing doing her thrusts. So not fair...

In the end, she tried to stop me lusting after her cute little bum by covering up. It didn't work. I have a very vivid imagination for these sorts of things. 

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