Monday 22 May 2023

Fap recap #3

The end of week 3 of my Masturbation Month challenge means that we are entering the home stretch, so how am I shaping up?

I managed to add a further 13 faps to my total bringing my grand total to 37. That keeps me right on track and, if I can repeat that for week #4, that will be challenge completed. 

Faps per day during week 3

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 1 2 1 3 3 2

To be fair, I don't even need to do all 13 this week. If I can get at least 10, I would still have another 3 days to tick off those final 3 faps so its all in my own hands so to speak. That's good news for me as I have quite a busy week ahead of me so it really may come down to those last few days!

Fap #25

Masturbation comes in many forms; something that I'll actually be delving into further on Wednesday, and fap #25 was a very good demonstration of that.

Yes, I hit the halfway mark in my month-long challenge by fingering my ass. And yes, it counts towards my target.

Like I said, the are many ways to masturbate and not all of them involve stimulating my pussy. Fingering my ass my not give me an orgasm but I would say that there is more to masturbation than simply making yourself cum.

Anal masturbation is a thing and I will stand by that!

Fap #27

Sometimes it really is OK to mix work with pleasure. Never is that truer than when doing a modelling job that requires a bit of masturbation. And it certainly still counts toward my pursuit of that magical 50 faps for May. 

I as lucky enough to find myself in exactly that sort of situation for fap '27 when Smirky Phoenix invited me to finger myself in front of his camera for a Masturbation Monday feature that he was prepared. 

Apparently, my relentless posting of Masturbation Month content was the inspiration for his weekly feature for May so he was keen to include me in one of his posts. It's very flattering, of course, but I'm just happy to get the opportunity to work with people whose work I admire. 

That it would contribute towards my own masturbation feature was just an added and very welcome bonus. 

And yes, this one also counts even though we did give each other a little... ahem... helping hand. 

Fap #32

Some people spending their Friday night dancing or drinking. This week I spent mine watching a sex show at the theatre. A theatre that is more than happy for audience members to get a little sexy themselves, whether it be solo or in couples. Maybe even triples.

I was very much as a solo viewer but that's fine/ I can make my own fun when need be; it doesn't need to be Masturbation Month for that. But since it is Masturbation Month... well, I don't think I need to say anymore about this one. 

Fap #34

What a glorious Sunday it was. It would have been a monumental shame not to make the most of such a beautiful day so I really fancied going for a jog in the countryside. 

Mind you, when I initially ventured out, I quickly retreated back indoors as it was a little too nice. I tried again as the dun started to dip low and found the temperature much more to my liking.

I tried to pace myself as best I could to not overheat but I found that I still needed to take a bit of a breather on the way back home. My little break didn't do much for me in terms of stopping my blood from pumping as I found a small clearing in some secluded bushes and got myself off one more time.

Although this one was mostly down to just needing to squeeze another wank in, it is always so nice to feel the cool evening breeze on your warm skin. This one felt really good!

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