Friday 7 July 2023

A goodnight kiss

I cannot deny it; There's no-one that I would rather celebrate National Kissing Day with than the beautiful Ms. Thomas.

To be honest, I'll use any one of these naughty days that I like to highlight as an excuse to try to sneak a kiss. Or maybe even a little more.

Although my success rate is pretty low. every now and then, she'll give me a little taste of what I so desperately crave. Never more than a taste though, which always leaves me wanting more. But what a taste it is. She's so fucking yummy!

And as you may have guessed already, last night was one of those rare occasions when I get to enjoy the thrill of her soft lips pressing against mine as our tongues play against one another.

It may have only been a fleeting farewell kiss as we parted ways for the evening, but it still gave me that warm tingly feeling. Not to mention providing plenty of inspiration for some very pleasant dreams later that night. 

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