Thursday 10 August 2023

An audience with the Black Cat

Like I said the other day, I'm conscious of my recent lack of output. Broadly speaking i think you can break my content down into several categories; there's the sexy videos and photoshoots I produce, there's the lifestyle articles that either tie into special days of the year or are reviews of sexy products, the detailed reports of my sexcapades and, finally, the accounts of my day to day activities.

I think I've neglected all of these to some degree but, in particular, the ones where I just share a little bit about what I've been up to away from all the lewd stuff. That can cover me just hanging out with friends, telling you about the wonderful new people that I have met, exploring new places or anything else that just happens to happen.

Hopefully, this is the start of me getting back to doing a little more of that because I do enjoy sharing me random and fun experiences with you all.

In truth, what I'm about to talk about, could have ended up being very different indeed. You see, after having some fun at Steph's last week, I feel like it has rekindled a certain naughtiness within me and I was very much on the prowl for more of that. And what better place than a fancy beach resort where dozens of hot and mostly bare bodies can be found lounging around.

Instead, I bumped into the lovely Felicia, who did a very good job of distracting me from lustful thoughts. We ended up chatting for hours whilst enjoying a good soak one of the swimming pools; a welcome relief from the scorching weather, for sure.

What did we chat about? Oh, there were so many things... 

 We shared our frustrations at others trying to be outraged on our behalves, I consoled her when she started to meltdown at the lack of coffee that is available, she consoled me as I started to break down whilst talking about my late brother and we came to the consensus that there is nothing more important than having a decent sense of humour and not taking things too seriously. 

 It was a pity that, as time wore on, we finally had to say good bye. I'm already looking forward to doing it again sometime. Hopefully over a nice cup of coffee!

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