Monday 28 August 2023

Sort those leaves out!

As picturesque as Snowbunny Beach may be, I feel like someone at Virtual Sugar needs to have a quiet word with their pool guy, because the state of those leaves in the pool is not acceptable.

My suspicion; he was probably more occupied boning snowbunnies in the bushes than actually doing his job.  Although, to be fair, who could blame him when you have such a tasty selection on offer.

Regardless, if the was a box to leave comment cards, mine most definitely would have had some strongly worded feedback about all those leaves. I mean, at this time of the year, when the sun is likely to burn you to a crisp, punters will demand a clean and beautiful pool to take a dip i to cool off after doing... well, whatever one does at a snowbunny beach.

Aside from that complaint, you couldn't ask for a nicer beach to relax on. 

Although, I'm not quite sure whether it is supposed to be a nude beach. Everyone I spied their was certain in their birthday suit, so that was pretty much my assumption. But I'm not sure how much to read into that. Let's not kid ourselves, for the likes of Emmy, that's basically just her default state, so who knows?!

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