Sunday 17 September 2023

Black Box

Here we go again with another Grand Opening. Will Black Box buck the trend and actually return for a 2nd opening? I see no reason why not. 

Besides just being a cool venue, it seems to have the backing of some heavy hitters in the club scene, so you'd think they've got everything going in their favour to be successful.

More importantly though, it's just a cool place. Did I mention that already?

In an ages when many club owners think that bigger is better, Black Box keeps it fairly small and intimate. And I like the verticality of the place. Keeping the footprint of the club small but making good use of balcony space.

I also like the general vibe. I've always been a fan of clubs that have that industrial feel to them. Adding lasers and fog machines to that is just and added bonus. Oh, and the avoidance of those vomit-inducing colours that so many clubs seem to insist on using is a definite winner with me.

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