Wednesday 20 September 2023

Happy Birthday Ember

You know what the best thing about birthdays is?

Cake! It's all about the cake!

And Virtual Sugar spared no expense on their cake for Ember. It's just a shame that they had to go and spoil it with that giant pineapple on top! Let's be honest, pineapple ruins everything!

Anyway, regardless of Emmy's fondness for the most divisive fruit of them all, I hope she enjoyed a fun filled, and undoubtably very lewd, birthday.

Forget blowing out candles, she ought to have been blowing cocks. Maybe one for each year of her life. Just thinking about that is making me feel jealous about my unfulfilled desire to get bukkaked by a circle of well-hung men showering me with their thick, creamy cum...

Sorry, I just drifted off for a moment there. Where was I? Oh yes, Emmy's birthday!

I mean, her party was much like any other party, with music, balloons and dancing. There was just a lewd flavour to it all. Boob shaped balloons, for example. And naked dancing. You know, the usual sort of things that might pop into mind when thinking about Ember!

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