Tuesday 26 September 2023

Love Note Day

Although it might seem silly and immature, especially for someone my age, I have always found it hard to tell people my feeling about that them. Mostly it comes down to my crippling fear of rejection and the awkwardness that would then follow if they don't reciprocate my feelings.

In the past, I've wasted too many years of my life pining for people who I felt were unobtainable without even finding out for sure. Most of my regrets in life centre around things that I didn't do, like not telling those that I have feelings for that I am into them. Maybe I dodged some hurt by not doing so, but not knowing if there could have been happiness instead, is something that can slowly eat away at you. Trust me, I know.

I wish I could be better at being open about who I like, which is why I'm trying to take baby steps towards improvement. Participating in Love Note Day is one of those baby steps. And, in the spirit of trying to be more open about it, here is my love note to the person who is most special to me. Not name included but I don't think it takes too much thought to work out who this is to.

Happy Love Note Day!

A silly excuse for me to write about how much I really like you. All without the awkwardness of doing it in person.

You are so wonderful, smart and funny. Spending time with you brings me so much joy and puts a smile on my face, even when I would rather be a miserable cow.

And you are so beautiful. Not to mention how amazingly yummy-looking your bum is.

I'm sorry if I sometimes pester you for kisses. I just cannot resist you. I would be yours, anytime you want me.

I understand that is unlikely, but perhaps you will still allow me to show you a little affection from time to time.

Regardless, I love you lots and lots!

L xx


Like I said, I know this is all very immature of me but it's a start. Even if I know that my juvenile confession on love is a forlorn attempt, I will at least give it a go, unlike all of those times in the past when I stayed quiet and guaranteed that I would miss out.

Sure, I know that I will always have to play second fiddle to certain other people for the attention of the target of my affections. I always have, and it is inevitable that I always will. Regardless, just communicating my emotions is progress for me, so I'll take that as a small win for my growth and development as a person.

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