Monday 11 December 2023

Festive Threads

So my intention for tonight was to explore more Christmas markets. There was just one tiny problem though; not a single Christmas market was being held. Not even one. A few Christmas parties being held at clubs, yes. But fuck that, I want markets. Specifically Christmas ones.

Of course, that forced a bit of a rethink for my evening's plans. And that got me wondering; what is the next best think after Christmas markets? 

After pondering for at least, I don't know, maybe 10 seconds, I have that lightbulb over my head moment. It's got to be Christmas hats and jumpers, right? I mean, I religiously pull on my Christmas hat every single day during the month of December. 

With my mind made up about what I would go looking for, I just had to pick a venue to conduct my survey on Christmas attire. Being a Monday, it was a pretty simple choice. It's got to be Rock My Pussy.

I feel like I was vindicated in my venue selection by the fine examples of Crimbo-themed clothing, some of my favourite of which I will show you below.

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