Sunday 10 December 2023

Polar chill on the Polar Express

Whose crazy idea was it to open up the rear carriage of this year's Polar Express?!

Putting aside the most obvious issue of how freaking cold it makes that carriage for passengers, did anyone who made this decision bother to consider how much of a safety risk it is?! 

There must have been zero safety assessment put into this. I mean, look how easy it would be for someone to fall off either side!

Honestly, my theory is that this is some sort of underhanded ploy to discourage passengers from buying the cheaper single seat tickets and pushing them towards renting one of the nice, warm cabins instead. Let's face it; it's always about the money in the end!

Or maybe the train operators are just filthy perverts who want to force passengers into sharing body heat in order to stay warm. Although, regardless of how energetic their heat-sharing activities may be, I'm not sure that that will even compensate for the lack of clothes which normally accompanies such activities, let alone also make up for the giant draft coming from the back of the train.

Either way, I feel like I need to write a strongly worded letter of complaint to get this changed for next year.

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