Saturday 2 March 2024

Friday Delights

Yesterday was such a wonderful day for me, specifically because I got to spend time with so many wonderful people, some of whom I really get chance to see. And, for a natural introvert like me who can find it difficult to reach out to others, even just to say hello, managing to do that with a bunch of different people all in the same day, really does help me build confidence. 

The day started off with me on the hunt to find Emmy because I was eager to see if she was going to be able to help me with a feature for tomorrow's special day. Not surprisingly, I found her in a BBC sex club where she had just finished draining some balls of cum. 

Jess was also there and we were soon also joined by SaraJean, who I don't really know but seems like a lovely person. Banter and lewd chat flowed in a fun little chat that lasted for a few hours. Topics covered included discussing whether I am a slut even though I'm just to bust my 2024 cherry with any guys, the wonders of Emmy's legendary boob armour that she has created for Diablo IV and how wonderfully cuddly wallabies are.

Oh, and you probably also won't be surprised that everyone ended up being naked, although not particularly voluntarily in my case. Beginning with Emmy "accidentally" spilling beer on Sara's top she had to take it off. revenge was then sort when Sara used the scissors that she apparently carries around with her to remove Emmy's dress. 

For some inexplicable reason, Emmy was then allowed to get her hands on those scissors, at which point my lovely Panda dress was brutally destroyed, leaving me in just my bra and panties This created the rather bizarre situation where Jess was the most clothed person in our little social group. Although that didn't last for long as her clothes then mysteriously just fell off by themselves.

Unfortunately for you, the conversation was so engrossing that I was uncharacteristically distracted from taking many photos. So you'll just have to make do with these few...

Then, after we all went our separate ways for lunch, I bumped into the amazingly talented xoJessi. Because of the inconvenience of time zones, she is someone who I normally only get to talk to via Twitter. So, even though I had literally nothing of merit to say to her at that moment, I was still eager to say hello and let her know how excited I was to see her in person.

We had a good old chat before she eventually had to leave. Following on from being teased earlier for not having got laid for a few months, it was reassuring to find someone who, like me, is also a bit more picky about when they want to fuck. We exchanged a few personal horror stories of sex sessions gone bad and why those have put us off being total sluts like Emmy and Jess.

After Jessi departed, I wandered around looking for sexy things to photograph. I found plenty of naughtiness going on at a local gym that I popped into. I even spotted Jess and her hubby Chris getting intimate in the sauna. I thought it best to leave them to it though. That said, I did get a few quick snaps for my collection.

I was then at a bit of a loss for what to do with myself so plonked myself down at my laptop to see what was going on in the world of Twitter. Aside from a short but interesting discussion about favourite sex positions and ways to get cum on with MrJerome and getting to admire Reena's latest booty photos, there wasn't a whole lot going on until I spotted a tweet from the gorgeous BettyBoo in which she mentioned that she was at the Black Rose for a movie themed performance. 

That sounded right up my street so I dashed there as quickly as possible of our fear of missing some cracking tunes. In my haste though, I arrived in my partially repaired panda dress, which left me feeling rather awkward and out of place. That uncomfortable feeling was totally worth it though, as I arrived just in time to hear a rousing rendition of my favourite sound from the Interstellar score; Docking Scene.

I lurked at the back for the next few songs until one that I was unfamiliar with gave me the opportunity to sneak out to the restrooms and change into the formal attire that I had grabbed off some hangers as I had dashed out the door.

Now properly dressed for the occasion, I was honoured to be invited by Betty to sit on the front row with her, BettyTesten, SmirkyPheonix and Aspect. Some big hitters in the creator community, for sure! Getting a kiss blown to me from the stage from FeleciaBlack, who looked as beautiful as ever, was just the cherry on top.

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The choice of songs to play was fantastic. Especially since we got to have a few more Hans Zimmer numbers in addition to the aforementioned one from Interstellar. And I was thrilled that they closed the performance with a bit of Twin Peaks, which was greet with rapturous applause from the audience upon its conclusion.

Once the performance concluded, I hung around just long enough to congratulate Felecia on the stirring and emotive performance before I dashed off to the Doghouse to finish off my night.

It's not a club I'm familiar with but I got some alerts on my phone during the Black Rose performance that Perrie would be spinning a 90s mix for her DJ set. That sounded like the perfect end to the evening although I was worried that I might miss her.

Fortunately, I managed to get there with around 15-20 minutes of her set left, so I got to boogie to some classic old school anthems. Although, once again, I found myself completely inappropriately addressed. In my rush to get there, I hadn't bothered to change out of my formal wear. I had hoped that there was going to be more time left so I could sneak off again to change, but with so little time left, I said "fuck it" and just made the best of dancing in a skirt suit.

And that rounded out my day of getting to spend time with so many different people of all brought a smile to my face in different ways. On days like this, I am so grateful to know all these great people and that they have accepted me as a friend. 

Here's hoping for more days like this very soon.

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