Monday 4 March 2024

Strip Club Seduction

Oh my gosh, you guys! This is like the most exciting and nerve-wracking announcement that I've made for such a long time. Possibly only ever surpassed by when I launched the 3DXChat Text-To-Speech Podcast! So here goes...

After months and months of hard, but often therapeutic, work, I am delighted to reveal my first ever computer game - Strip Club Seduction: A 3DXChat Dating Sim!

Strip Club Seduction: A 3DXChat Dating Sim is a browser-based visual novel with dating simulator elements in which you get to take control of our very horny player character who is desperate to find some female company before the end of the night. 

Having had no luck so far, you can take one final roll of the dice by visiting your local strip. A strip club in which I happen to be working! Can you score with me? Or will you be forced to unsuccessfully head home to stroke one out with your hand?

Head over to play right now!

Strip Club Seduction: A 3DXChat Dating Sim includes:
  • A branching story with 20 different endings to experience
  • 8 different ranks to be achieved
  • Animated sex scenes
  • A hidden true ending for the truly determined to unlock
  • Game progress tracked via unlocked images in the image album
How many of the endings can you find? Will you complete the album? Can you achieve the true ending?

Keep up-to-date with game developments at

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