Tuesday 5 March 2024

Lube, glorious lube

I always like to say that "you can never have enough lube" or " lube, lube and more lube".

And, on a personal note, since I discovered the wonderful world of Lovense toys, my own lube usage has certainly increased significantly. Especially when reviewing their butt toys, one of which you can expect very soon if I can pull my finger out and actually get to it. That should be a lot easier now that I'm no longer distracted by working on Strip Club Seduction.

I'm going off on a tangent here though, so let me course correct back to the topic at hand. And that is lube, with the reason being that today is National Restock Your Lube Day.

Nothing deep or profound about this day so I'm not going to make you sit through any sort of preachy essay about what lessons we can all learn.

Instead, you just get a brief reminder to keep your supply of lube well stocked because you can never have too much lube!

And, I'll also give a very cheeky reminder that, if you are so inclined, you could always treat me to some lube via my Throne or Lovense wishlists to ensure that I remained well-stocked. You know, just  as a small and inexpensive token of appreciation for the entertainment that I hope I provide to you. I can assure you it would certainly go to good use and be much appreciated.

(If I'm being completely honest, some toy cleaner or wipes would be even more appreciated because I get through those like crazy. Also, they are both even more inexpensive than lube.)

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