Wednesday 17 April 2024


So Jess has been teasing me, saying that I need to take the advantage of being married by cheating on my hubby at least once, even if it is just as part of a planned photoshoot.

I don't personally have any sort of kink regarding cheating on a partner. Quite the opposite in fact. I put a great deal of importance in being faithful and loyal. Even if we didn't actually take any vows or really pledge ourselves to each other, as long as their is a piece of paper saying we are married, I will act the part. I mean, in that sort of context, I'm not sure it would even really count as cheating anyway, but whatever...

I do not, however, have any problem taking by husband to the Cheating Wives Resort for a quite and relaxed afternoon on the beach, intercut with a few naughty photoshoots for posts that I'll be making over the next couple of weeks (spoiler alert - the first one, for National Anal Sex Day, arrives tomorrow) and a bit of time trying to figure out how we'll tackle the racist cunt that has been trying to troll our Twitter posts this week.

On that topic, a lot of people have said to just ignore him. And I agree, to an extent, that you should give this people the sort of attention they crave. But when you are dealing with a person who has demonstrated a longstanding willingness (dating back at least 5 years) to post such deplorable things, at some point someone has to make a stand and call him out on this bullshit. Otherwise, you find yourself in the situation that we have now, where he feels emboldened to continually keeping making these sort of racist comments because he never faces any consequences for his words. It has to stop!

Like I said, he absolutely does not deserve the amount of attention that he has been given so I won't say anymore about that racist fuckwit for now. Today, at least, it seems he has run off into hiding so hopefully we've seen the back of him for now.

What I'd rather be talking about instead, is my original topic of our visit to the Cheating Wives Resort, we was lovely. It always is there. And there were plenty of couples getting amorous with one another. It's impossible to know if there was actually any cheating going on though. Most of them may have just been there as a couple, like Ace and I. I also spotted Sara Jean there with her husband as well, so certainly not everyone there was doing a bad thing.

My only disappointment was that most of what I saw was just kissing and cuddling. Not the usual amount of fucking that you might expect to see there, although I catch a little, which you know that I caught on camera to show you! Which wasn't an easy feat considering how private everyone was being today. It's not usual for peeps to be so mindful of taking that love-making away from prying eyes like mine. It takes more than that to get away from my telescopic camera lens though!

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