Wednesday 17 April 2024

The Landlord

When previously talking about my wedding night, I teased that Ace and I had gone straight to our wedding suite from an Ace Production photoshoot. I'm actually somewhat astonished that he has turned that around already and managed to get it published in addition to putting our wedding album out yesterday.

You can check it out at or find it over in my Modelling Portfolio.

It's the first in a new series that he'll be delivering over the coming weeks and months. And, as wife to the producer, I've managed to get a bit of insight into who else might be appearing in the future episodes and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Plenty of star power amongst the names he has been talking to!

As for me, I've been talking to a couple of guys today about doing some work for them. One is a photographer whose work I absolutely adore. He does a great job of being naughty but classy at the same time and I'm absolutely thrilled that he wants to work with me. The other is a fairly new face on the block who has been pumping out plenty of short videos recently. Maybe a little more filthy than what I'd normally do but I'm willing to see what's on offer.

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