Wednesday 3 April 2024

Indecent Proposal

What's the naughtiest or lewdest that you've ever had a stranger ask you? And, more, specifically, what's the filthiest question that a stranger has ever opened with?

The only reason I ask is that I think I have a new champion on both counts with, and I quote... "Love the outfit. Can I take a pic of me buttfucking you for my Twitter?"

I mean, talk about just getting straight to the point!

Just for context, I should mention that this was from someone that I done follow on social media. I haven't checked whether he follows me back but it's very possible. So I can't say he is a complete stranger. However, we've never spoken before and I'm pretty sure that extends as far as trading social media comments and things like that.

Anyway, knowing the sort of stuff he posts, I'm not at all offended or mad by how forthright his request was. Quite the opposite in fact. I enjoyed a good giggle off the back of it. Possibly was even a little flattered that I would be considered worthy of joining his hall of fame. And that's what it comes down to at the end of the day; it was about the quest for content, not just a lewd desire to stick it up my arse.

That said, if you are a stranger to me, I wouldn't recommend being quite so forward with me. I'm most likely to just roll my eyes and walk on by. And I'm definitely not that easy when it comes to fucking me in my booty hole! Unless it's for content, in which case I might consider it, if it is handled in a tasteful and classy manner.

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