Friday 19 April 2024

Let's get digital

If I were to ask you if terms like vaginal sex, anal sex or oral sex mean something to you, I'm extremely confident you would all know what I'm talking. But what about digital sex? What would that term make you think of?

I suspect that more than a few of you may think it relates to cyber sex or something that involves technology in some way. And I don't think that anyone would blame you for coming to that conclusion. It seems totally logical, after all. It would also be quite far off base though.

Digital sex (or digital penetration, as it is can often be known in some cases), is more colloquially known as the act of fingering. That's right; whenever you are rubbing a woman's clit or inserting some fingers into her vagina, you are actually engaging in digital sex. Because, when it comes to human anatomy, fingers (and also toes) are what are known as 'digits'.

And the reason that I'm bringing this up, is because today is National Fingering Day;  

Unlike many of the sexy days I choose to highlight, this one is not particularly deep or longstanding. Indeed, it seems like it started completely by accident, just a few years ago when discussion of fingering randomly went viral one day. A day that would henceforth become the annual celebration of fingering.

I suppose one of the reasons that it sparked so much discussion is the sheer variety of ways that it can be enjoyed, which allows enjoyers of a bit of digital action to easily compare notes and share their own secret techniques for giving or receiving pleasure. 

For instance, as mentioned already, the fingering action can be applied both externally and internally. But it doesn't stop there. 

For external stimulation, playing with the clit is obviously the holy grail but the labia are equally valid targets. Similarly, the G-spot may be the headline grabber for internal stimulation but we shouldn't forget about the cervix and the lesser-known A-spot as well. 

Or, you could go for a combo and stimulate inside and out at the same time!

On top of that, the fingers are very capable of providing nuanced and varied stimulation, which opens up even further possibilities. You can rub, stroke, tickle, swirl and more besides.

And we've not even got onto the different body postures that you can adapt, which shouldn't be overlooked. Whether you're curling an arm around a waist to stimulate from the front, sliding your fingers between the legs from behind or reaching down from above to curve your fingers up inside; all of it contributes to the myriad of different ways you can approach fingering.

Oh, and did I mention anal fingering yet? Because, of course, that is also a thing, and much of what I've already said can also apply to that too. Does fisting count as well? I honestly don't know. Maybe not?

Regardless, it's no wonder there is so much discussion that can take place around the topic of fingering! Especially considering how close we are to rolling into Masturbation Month; the perfect time to put some of this discussion into practice! I know I will...

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