Tuesday 30 April 2019

Random Fuck Room of the Day LV

Although I'm super grateful that winning the lottery allowed me to buy myself a peaceful and scenic island, I do sometimes miss my old apartment. I mean, as lovely as waking up to a gorgeous view every morning can be, sometimes not having a single soul within miles can be a bit lonely. And, to be fair, I was pretty lucky with the neighbours I had. Bob and Betty were both very considerate and rarely disturbed me. Truth be told, my music was probably much worse than any noise they made.

So anyways, when Bob text me to say someone down the hall from him was having an open party, I couldn't wait to have an excuse to pop back and see what the place was like now.

Honestly, I was pretty shocked by what I found. It was a new tenant who had moved in since I had left so no-one I knew, but their apartment was in a right state. I couldn't believe how much of a mess they had made of the place. From what I hear, they are less than considerate with the noise levels as well. Guess I moved out of their at just the right time, eh?

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