Monday, 6 May 2019

(Going) Down on the Sex Farm

I've been so so busy recently meaning that I've had absolutely no time to roam around, looking for sexy things to document. It also means that I've fallen behind with posting things that I have already taken pics of.

Take this batch of pics for example... They're from weeks back at Easter when I went down to this sex farm to pick up some Easter eggs. No, no, they don't have chickens that really lay chocolate eggs. But it is an actual functioning farm most of the year round (I'm not sure how much of the time, the sex part is involved though) and obviously some bright spark thought a little Easter promotional event with Easter eggs as its theme would be good for business. Makes sense to me.

Besides, who am I to argue with a free chocolate egg just for going along. Jess obviously had the same idea. You know what they say about great minds...

(And for those that are interested... yes, I did listen to Sex Farm by Spinal Tap in my car on the drive over. I couldn't resist.)

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