Saturday, 20 April 2019

Topless Beach Party

When the sunny weather hits, I just can't resist spending it at the beach. Any beach will do as long as the sun is beating down and the water is crystal clear.

So today I found this little stretch of beach that I've never visited before, where everyone seemed to be having a pretty good time. As I approached to see what the partying was all in aid of, I spotted signs advertising it as a topless party. Glancing around, I spied plenty of flesh on display so, not wanting to be a party pooper, I pulled off my top to join in.

Finding my own little space to boogie in, I glanced around again, but upon further investigation  I noticed that almost all of the bare flesh that I had seen was just shirtless guys and there was in fact only one other woman there with her tits out. Oh well...

It's not like I was embarrassed but, if I had been, it would have been short-lived anyway as the party came to an end just 2 songs after my arrival.

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