Sunday 20 October 2019

Boogieing at the White Rabbit

I was at a loose end last night so I decided to go on the prowl. I was in the mood for some cock if the opportunity presented itself but none of the sex parties that I tried had anything going on that appealed to me.

I've heard of White Rabbit before but never given it a visit so I wasn't really sure what so of club it was. However, when I was passing it by and saw that it was open, I figured this was the ideal time to see what it was all about. My preconception of it was that it may be some sort of gentleman's club in which maybe it would be a good place to find the cock that I was looking for.

It was a pretty classy joint but it seems like I was a bit off with my expectations. There wasn't a whole lot of sex and naughtiness going on. Nevertheless, I hadn't found anywhere better while I'd been out and about so I found myself a spot on t he dancefloor and made do with a little boogie. Who knows, maybe I'd catch someone's eye with my sexy moves and still manage to get laid. And if not, it was a nice place to spend some time.

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