Friday 5 June 2020

"Get that camera outta my face!"

Photography can be a dangerous game. Sometimes, you are just minding your own business, casually taking some crowd shots of a club, when someone takes exception to your lens being pointed in their general direction.

Sometimes, they will just be obstructive and try to shoo you away. Other times, a heated confrontation may follow, possibly with a bit of a scuffle as they try to wrestle your camera from your hands so they can destroy any image that may show that they were there..

Of course, it just makes you wonder, why are they so desperate for there to be no evidence of them dancing at the Jazzy Lounge? Are they up to something they shouldn't be? Are they schmoozing with someone they shouldn't be schmoozing with? Seems to me like an innocent man wouldn't get so worked up over appearing in a few harmless photos?


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