Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Halloween season arrives

I don't know why but I always feel compelled to make special mention of the first Halloween party that I attend each year. Not sure why as I've never been into getting dressed up for it or doing anything else special to mark the occasion. I suppose it is just a fun time of year when people get to do something a little quirky and, when the effort pays off, it can be something quite special.

Anyway, here we go with the first party that I've paid a visit to this year. I think I recognise this a somewhere that I've briefly visited before but redecorated with a Halloween theme. I can't actually say for sure as I didn't check what the name of this place was. But, either way, I quite liked the assorted spooky decorations that they'd put up. 

Not sure if they had changed the colour of the lighting in the place. I mean, it works fine for a Halloween party but would be horrid for a normal night. So many places tend to use those sort of nasty colours though, its hard to tell if its the norm or not. I hope not.

And, of course, just like seemingly ever other club that I visit, there worth damn sexy silhouettes all over the walls. It just makes me sigh whenever I walk into a new place and see those all over the walls. Although, in this place's defence, I think they did have some that I hadn't seen before. But still, it annoys me so much when i see every club using them. 

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