Wednesday 28 October 2020

Getting my sweat on at The Gym

For the last few months, I've been able to enjoy a nice lunchtime walk in the park to keep myself active. But with the arrival of the colder months, I've recently found it harder to motivate myself to get out of the house. Possibly lunchtime trips to this gym, imaginatively named The Gym, could be the solution for staying active through the winter when it is too cold outdoors.

There certainly seem to be plenty of activities available there. As I walked trough the entrance, there was an aerobics class taking place in the room to the right, a cardio room to the left, a pool directly ahead and apparently a sauna somewhere in the building. 

Choices, choices, choices... which to choose...

Ah, who am I kidding? It was always going to be the cardio room for me. First up, a little warm up on one of the running machines.

Next up, was stepping time on one of the steppers. 

I was just about to pop my pods in my ears to listen to some tunes to get me pumped when the guy on the machine next to me started trying to talk with me. I'd normally prefer to keep myself to myself in the gym but I didn't want to seem rude so indulged him. 

Thankfully he was pretty pleasant so we happily chatted for a while before I excused myself to try one of the other activities on offer at The Gym.

A quick change into my swimwear later and I was ready to try to out the pool. Well, I say pool but it wasn't really as it was merely an extension of the sea. Nevertheless, it had lanes marked on the floor so I was able to do some lengths.

Not really sure how I feel about such a pool. Novel, without doubt. But I think I would prefer something that wasn't just open water. That said. chlorinated water does tend to give me horribly sore eyes so being spared that was definitely a blessing.

And with that I was just about out of time so I headed off to the showers to get cleaned up. 

I could actually only find one set of showers and changing rooms. Presumably they were unisex. That's what I assumed anyway. And if not... well, they were completely empty and it's not like I'm that bothered about guys seeing me in the shower. if any did walk on me. I can't imagine they would be too upset at getting to see my wet and naked body.

But it was a moot point as I was all alone anyway. 

Alone to begin with at least. At some point I was joined by the guy that I had been chatting to earlier. Not sure how long he had been in there with me. I had been completely oblivious to his arrival and only noticed his presence as turned to rinse off my back.

Although he had kept himself to himself, I couldn't help but notice that he was rocking a substantial hard-on. I'd wager that he'd been perving on me while I'd unaware of his presence. I'm sure plenty of other guys in that position would have tried their luck with me so his restraint to just get on with his shower despite being rock hard was impressive.

Was that slight disappointment that I felt? Hey, don't judge me! I've not got laid for months. And he did have a really nice looking cock. But he didn't even seem to acknowledge that is was there with him. Eyes forward, not daring to look in my direction. Aww, was he a bit shy? Maybe, but I was ready to get dressed and he hadn't shown me any interest so opportunity lost.

Dried and dressed, I couldn't resist perving on his ass before I stepped out. Turnabouts fair as he must have perved on me. Surely. Maybe. I have no idea. 

It really was a very nice ass though. To go with his nice looking cock.

Damn, maybe I should have tried my luck with him after all... Oh well, too late now. Got to get some work done.

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