Saturday 31 October 2020

Halloween 2020

The last six months have been extremely challenging for all of us but, from a personal perspective, it has been especially difficult as one of my close family-members has been battling a life-threatening illness. The last few days have been especially rough as we received some devastating news with his prospects now looking quite bleak. All of this has left me feeling numb and unable to take any joy from life at the moment.

With all that said, I didn't want to let Halloween pass me by so I set out to find the most popular Halloween party and possibly find someone to provide me the company I needed to distract me from all the shit that I'm currently struggling to process.

The party I settled on was one being held in a graveyard. If partying amongst the crypts and gravestones wasn't spooky enough, the organisers had set all sorts of scary decorations. A job well done I would say.

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