Sunday 3 January 2021

Secrets Gentlemen's Club revisited

Secrets was another club that I visited in the past and gave a less than stellar assessment of. Seeing as I recently gave the One of a Kind club a second chance to wow me, I suppose it is only fair that I give Secrets the same opportunity to make a better impression.

If I remember correctly, and I usually do when it comes to these sorts of things, the place was rather deserted last time so I was massively underwhelmed by the atmosphere. Not to mention the selection of girls on duty was pretty poor. Probably a good job they weren't very busy as they would have struggled to provide for more than a couple of punters.

This time round was a much different story. Plenty of bodies in the house, both strippers and guests, so that's one previous complaint put right. The fact that I actually witnessed one of the dancers struggling to find a vacant room to take one of her customers to for one some more intimate services should definitely be encouraging for management. So a good start to making me change my mind about this place.

That said, I do still find the general design to be fairly generic and lacking any real wow factor that sets it apart from the myriad of other strip clubs that are completing for guys' attention. But still, you could certainly end up in plenty of much worse strip clubs. I mean, it doesn't have any of that sexy silhouette artwork on the walls for starters...

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