Monday, 4 January 2021

T-girl Strip Club

I try to cover a diverse and varied selection of clubs and venues but I fear that that's not always possible given the heavy bias towards certain types of clubs. I mean, I could probably use the fingers on one hand to count the number of strip clubs that I've come across that cater to us ladies.

So when I see clubs that offer something different or that are targeted a different clientele, I endeavour to give them a look. I want there to be a little something for everyone after all.

Of course, the T-girl Strip Club falls very much in to that category. And, although trans girls aren't my cup of tea, I was very much looking forward to the possibility of seeing some cock up on stage instead of the tits as usual.

Sadly, the place wasn't particularly busy. I suppose that is what you would expect from a club that offers such a niche selection of performers. Nevertheless, there were a few guys there who seemed engrossed by the show that the dancers were putting on. A few even took a girl of their choice into the back rooms to enjoy a more hands-on experience.

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