Wednesday 6 January 2021

Masturbation Sexcapdes

Today's letter of the day is M for Masturbation.

I'll admit it. For the last few days I've had a raging horn but I just haven't found the time to play with myself to work out some of that pent up sexual tension. I finally had some free time to myself this afternoon though so that was hopefully all about to change. 

I was hurrying how with a spring in my step, excited at the prospect of giving my cunt some long over due attention, when I came across the most intriguing thing... a masturbation party. Well, this must have been fate as I'm always keen to check out things like that and I was more than willing to get involved if need be. In fact, there was no way that I wasn't going to get involved with my horniness levels as they were.

Now, if we're being pedantic, it wasn't so much a masturbation party as a masturbation corridor but let's not quibble over such details. 

There were a few guests already there, most of them sat quietly down the sides of the corridor, happily fapping away. A few were fapping together and I even saw one pair squirting bodily fluids at each other (although not actually wanking each other).

After a quick little nose round, I found myself an unoccupied side room, whipped off my already moistened panties and got down to the task of fingering the fuck out of my pussy. I closed my eyes and let my fingers start relieving the raging horn that I'd been carrying for days. 

The thought that others might be watching me just made me even more turned on and my cunt was sopping wet in no time..

And, sure enough, when I eventually opened my eyes again, there were a couple of guys happily jerking themselves off while admiring me.

We exchanged pleasantries and I invited them to cum on me when they were ready to blow their loads. They were both extremely excited by that idea and furiously beat themselves off. We exchanged some friendly banter while I waited for them to glaze me with their cum and I, of course, continued fingering myself while I waited for them to climax. It was all bizarrely casual considering the situation. 

One of the guys who was standing behind me squirted cum down my back. This caught me completely by surprise as I had gotten myself ready to receive a facial from the other guy, thinking he would be the first to pop. Moments later, that guy did indeed erupt all over my chest. My top that read "Cum on me" fittingly now had cum soaking into it. Ugh, semen is one of the worst stains...

I swivelled round and quickly pumped the first cummers cock just in case he was still holding back any cum. A single streak of cum splattered across my glasses and he was done.

Then back to the other guy again. he was still hard and still beating himself off. It took him a while but he came again. This time, at his request, on my feet. So that was now my back, chest, face and feet that were sticky with cum. At this rate I was going to be covered in spaff from head to toe in no time.

With their balls now thoroughly drained, the pair left me alone to get back to getting myself off. 

As I rolled around in the cushions, edging towards an explosive orgasm, a few other guys, and even a few girls, came and went. A few of the guys stopped for a while to stroke their cocks while watching me but none of them came for me, even if I did give them the green light to cum on me if they wanted to.

I'd now got the appetite for cum now though so this just wouldn't do at all. I wanted more. More cum all over me.

Venturing out into the main corridor, I propped myself up against the wall and continued to rub my throbbing clit for everyone to see. This made a couple more guys take interest in me. That was more like it.

One didn't taking long to cum at all. Just as he started to tense up before nutting everywhere, I bent over and let him cum all over my ass. That was another part of my body ticked off for getting completely covered.

The other guy took a bit longer and, when he finally did cum, it was a massive quantity of cum but, aside from the initial blast, it mostly just dribbled out of his cock onto tits. Not quite the shot in the mouth that I had been hoping for so I gave the head of his cock a quick little suck to get the last few drops that hadn't dribbled out yet . There really wasn't much but just about enough to say that he'd cum in my mouth. 

That was my mouth now added to the list of areas that has received cum today.

Again, I'd let myself become distracted from my own need to get off by my insatiable desire for cum, so it was now time to focus on myself and not get sidetracked anymore.

As I edged myself ever closer to cumming, one last guy approached and admired me while wanking. He told me how the squelching sound of my fingers in my sodden pussy was getting him turned on so much and how he would love to try to squeeze his 9 inch dick inside me. I politely declined the offer but he begged me to just take the tip. Of course, it is never just the tip, is it?

Instead, I offered him the chance to cum on my pussy instead. He found that to be quite an agreeable alternative. We exchanged some dirty talk as we both worked ourselves towards a mutual climax which just heightened both of our states of arousal. The glistening pre-cum starting to ooze from his cock sent me wild with anticipation. I couldn't wait for us to cum together. 

Then he came. And came. And came some more. And then I came too. I came so fucking hard. A small squirt of my pussy cream stained the couch as I came harder then I ever expected to. 

It took me a few minutes to gather myself after that spectacular orgasm but with my horniness now finally satisfied and my body well and truly drenched in cum, I called it and day and headed home. Very satisfied and very, very sticky.

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  1. Cool story. I'm the guy in the cap and I'm so glad you took the photos and did this story line. Reading this I had to drop my pant and start rubbing.

    You're a sexy woman and I'd be happy to unload in or on you anytime, anywhere.