Wednesday 6 January 2021

More Masturbation Sexcapdes

OK, so this is not the post I was expecting to make today. I was expecting to just be posting a few random pics from yesterday's Masturbation Party to show that I was not alone in getting a little naughty and that there were plenty of other sexual hi-jinx going on involving the other guests.

However, before I got round to sorting those pics out, lo and behold, there was another masturbation party. "Great", I thought, "I can get a few extra pics to add to the ones I took yesterday". So along I went, camera at the ready.

I didn't waste any time in getting into the groove and was taking plenty of pics when who should cuddle attack me from behind? None other than the always lovely Jessica. And it seems that she had seen yesterday's post and was in the mood to give it a re-run. I had such a good time before that I wasn't about to argue with her. All we needed was for one of the rooms to become available so we could turn it into our own personal playground and tempt horny guys in to play with us.

Except there weren't any...

Patience is a virtue though, and by being willing to loiter around long enough, we were eventually able to claim a room as our own. Within moments we were both stripped to our undies and fapping away. 

OK, confession time... I hadn't actually put any panties on when I left the house, just in case something like this happened again and I wanted... ahem... quick access. Don't judge. I just call that sensible planning ahead. 

Anyway, the point is we both stripped down to some sexy lingerie and got on with the task of some sexy self-pleasuring.

But, for whatever reason, no guys seemed to want to want to come and play with us. A few poked their heads round the door and watched us for a bit. But in each and every case, they would just go "nope" and move along. I cannot tell you how frustrating it was.

All was not lost though. Neither Jess nor I had unleashed some of our prized assets yet. It was time to call in the big guns. Particularly in Jess' case, as we bared our soft and ample breasts for all to see. Surely, that would get some interest. Wrong! Still no takers.

Jess speculated that we must be intimidating guys with the sheer amount of hotness in our room, But I didn't think so. We were offering ourselves on a platter and, maybe some of the guys could have been too shy to try it on with us, but all of them. No chance!

I had one last trump card to play in a desperate last bid to get some attention. While Jess gave everyone a nice bit of full frontal masturbation, I got down on all fours to show off my curvaceous butt. With the amount of attention that that has earned me over the years, if that couldn't do the trick, nothing would...

And what do you know, it did! At least I'm going to give it credit for it anyway. 

A well hung guy was soon in our room jacking off while watching Jess and I finger ourselves. Somewhat bizarrely though, he initially decided to stand behind us and even randomly came on the floor. Possibly nerves getting the better of him and causing a little premature ejaculation.

With a little bit of coaxing, I did manage to get him wanking off over my tits. It didn't take long for him to cum again. Thankfully, this time he sprayed his load all over my waiting tits.

Not to be outdone, Jess then got involved. Squeezing his cock tightly as she tugged him off with both hands. She expertly milked every last creamy drop of cum out of him and all across her face. 

At least that's what I thought but I was, in fact, very mistaken. 

He was still rock hard and apparently still had some cum reserves left in him. But Jess is not one to be beaten so easily. And her big lips take no prisoners when they wrap themselves around a hard cock.

She encouraged me to join in as well and this guy now had two sexy redheads licking up and down each side of his throbbing cock. It was too much for him and, without any warning, he came one last time. All of that delicious hot cum wasted as it splattered on the floor while we were unprepared for it. Such a shame...

Now alone in our room again, Jess and I returned to trying to get ourselves off, hopeful that the sights and sounds of our self-pleasuring would tempt more guys in to reward us with a creamy shower.

As I lay back and closed my eyes to focus one myself for a bit, Jess gave me a nudge. We had landed another catch. Little did I know that this guy was actually an acquaintance of Jess'. All I knew was that he was game for some fun and more than willing to share his spunk with us.

The three of us exchanged dirty talk as Jess and I told him how much we wanted his cum on us. 

He really did have a nice cock so I couldn't wait to get another hot facial. He flirtatiously suggested that I might need a little help to get himself there though. 

It was obvious what he wanted so I obliged and wrapped my lips around the head of cock. Working the base with my hands, I sucked and sucked. 

Jess, meanwhile, was obviously getting jealous at not being involved, so took matters into her own hands. Or should I say, his balls in her hands. as she squeezed and massaged them while I was servicing his cock.

This got him very excited and he could not resist jamming his cock all the way down my throat. I held it there for what felt like an eternity. It was surely the longest that I have ever managed to deep throat a cock for. Definitely one of that size.

I wretched several times, saliva spluttering between my lips and his cock as I did so and my make-up starting to run as my eyes teared up. My throat became raw as fuck.

When I finally had to come up for air, it was Jess' turn while I took a breather to let my throat recover. She expertly double tasked, continuing to rub her own pussy while giving a mind-blowing sloppy blowjob. This guy was loving ever moment of having her full lips and tongue sliding up and down along his shaft.   

I was also having a great time of my own as I neared climax. My legs spread wide, I made sure that he could see everything while my fingers played with my juicy cunt. Including the little creamy trickle of cum that ran ran down to my butthole before dripping onto the floor. A tell tale sign that I'd finished myself off.

Jess was still content blowing him, so I rolled over and gave him another view to enjoy. Licking my fingers, I slide them down along the contours of my body, across my butt and up against my asshole. A small bit of pressure applied and I squeezed two inside.

From their dirty talk that I could hear, it seemed like our guy was edging towards a climax of his own though. Something I did not want to miss. 

With Jess taking care of his cock and balls, I crawled up behind him and, much to his surprise, began to softly rim his asshole with my tongue. He was startled by this, no doubt, but consented to me continuing, which I gladly did.

But I didn't have too much chance to probe deeper in with my tongue as Jess grabbed me and pulled me round in front of him. For the second time today, Jess and I simultaneously licked up and down some guy's throbbing cock to get him to nut. And for the second time, it did the trick in no time at all.

His balls must have been bursting with cum as a huge shower erupted from his cock. I did must best to dive in front and catch some in my mouth. I was only partially successful as I managed to get some in mm mouth while the rest splattered in a long glistening streak across the floor.

And with that he was spent and collapsed on the nearby cushions. 

Jess and I snuggled up to him and, as one last treat for him to watch, I pulled Jess in close to me to kiss her deeply right in front of his face. The cum that I had caught in my mouth passed back and forth between our mouths before Jess greedily swallowed it all down. Not wanting to be left out, I licked some of the cum that had sprayed across Jess' cheek off her face and swallowed it down. Yummy.

After a brief period of recovery, all that was then left to do was to get dressed and say our farewells. 

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