Thursday 18 March 2021

Guinness or cookies? Cookies!!!

The colour green was out in force last night, but please don't mistake my presence at the Virtual Sugar Escort Club as being anything to do with their St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

As I have explained in the past, I can't stand the day because it is has been hijacked by commercialism and is largely celebrated by people who aren't even the slightest bit Irish but just want an excuse to get pissed. A good portion of those will also complete ignore their own country's patron saint day, if they have one.

No, I was there for one very simple reason. To tell Jess about my new recipe for quintuple chocolate cookies. Priorities! She claims that she came a bit when I told her what was in them. I don't blame her. They were pretty fucking awesome.

(I'll leave it to your imaginations to try to work out the five different chocolates that I used)

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