Wednesday 7 April 2021

Everyone get naked!

In all honesty, its actually refreshing to see so many people actively engage with the theme of an event as there were at this naked orgy party. I've spoken before of my frustrations at attending bukake events where no-one seems interested in anything other than some random sex. Or nude parties where half the guests just mill around while fully clothed.

Not so here. With the exception of just the odd person here and there, everyone attending this event really committed to the theme and I applaud them all.

There were naked bodies left right and centre. There were naked bodies twirling round poles. There were naked bodies lying on beds.  There were naked bodies sitting on couches. There were naked bodies propping up the bar.  There were naked bodies in the hot tub. Just naked, sexy bodies everywhere.

Bravo, I say. Bravo.

You see, the level of participation really can make or break an event and when you see everyone going all in one it, it really is something to behold. Something very sexy.

And, of course, all these naked bodies weren't just casually sitting around. Oh no, they were fucking and sucking. Moaning and groaning. Licking and fingering. Cumming and climaxing. Just all that good stuff that we perverts love to do.

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