Wednesday 21 April 2021

The quest for coffee goes on

Coffee & Tunes seems to have moved on from The Bottle Club. I was hoping that this would mean that I could now pick up a lovely mug of coffee to enjoy while staring out across the sea.

Walking in through the front door, one thing is immediately apparent. For some peculiar reason, this place has to roof. It's just 4 walls with the interior completely exposed to the elements. I suppose the weather is nice enough in this area that there is little concern for rain or even a cold breeze getting in. Or perhaps they ran out of construction budget when building the place and were unable to finish the place.

Sadly, a roof was not all that was missing. Despite moving venue, there was still no coffee to be found at the Coffee & Tunes event. Maybe the same budgetary constraints that I suspect prevented the roof from being built, also limited the procurement of the interior furnishings and training of staff meaning no coffee making equipment or servers to brew it for guests?

Whatever the reason, why must I be teased like this when all I want to do is satisfy my need for caffeine?

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