Tuesday, 20 April 2021


BREAKING NEWS - There is a pervert duck on the loose who enjoys nothing more than watching naked humans engage in sexually explicit activities.

In this shocking image, we can see the horned up waterfowl in question casually watching this husband and wife sharing an intimate moment of cunnilingus.

Authorities say that they are baffled by how he gained entry to the Orgy Bedroom club and have no leads on where or when he will perv next.

Be warned, he may be watching you next time you feel the urge to get down and dirty!

Regardless of whether you are making passionate love with your significant other or having an energetic romp with a random stranger that you met just 5 minutes ago and haven't even gotten round to asking their name yet, he could be using you to get his jollies.

If you have any information on this duck's whereabouts, you can call toll free on 0800-pervert-duck.

Stay vigilant!

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