Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Hands on with my Hush

With tonight's movie shoot done and out of the way, I rushed home to check if my Hush was charged and ready to go. And you know what? It was! (The instructions had warned that the first charge would take up to 1 hr 30 mins but, in my case, it seems like it was actually a little under an hour)

But before I get into telling you how I got on with it (no pun intended), first a brief history of buttplugs and me, so you can get an idea of where I am coming from when I'm talking about my first experience with Lovense's Hush.

First of all, I got my first plug about 6 or 7 years ago. I was kind of curious about trying anal at the time but I was worried about unleashing some horny guy on my sweet, virgin butthole. A buttplug seemed like the idea way to test the waters so to speak. So I ordered a fairly cheap bullet vibrating buttplug from my go to place for sex toys; LoveHoney.

Being new to sticking things in my butt, I didn't really know what to expect, but I ended up liking it enough to want to keep using it. Even with plenty of lube I still found it quite uncomfortable pushing it in and pulling it our but once it was snuggly in place and the buzzing began, I was in a happy place. The hassle of all the cleaning afterwards (got to be thorough) discouraged me from using it too often (well, that and not wanting to loosen my butthole), but I allowed myself to make use of it for special treats when I really wanted to indulge myself.

My second buttplug was a very cheap and cheerful PVC slimline plug, again ordered from LoveHoney. This one was longer but thinner than my first. My thinking that I would make it a little less unpleasant when it was inserting it. Unfortunately, it had no vibrations and was very flimsy, which actually made it harder to put in. For both of those reasons, I got very little use out of it, always preferring my tried and trust vibrating one. 

The third addition to my collection was a small jiggle ball buttplug. No surprises that this one also came from LoveHoney. I was a little torn over what size to get. In hindsight, I was probably a little too cautious and went too small as it really didn't do anything for me. In fairness, I suspect that I would have gotten more of a sensation from it if I was being a bit more energetic with a partner, but going solo didn't really give the ball inside much opportunity to actually jiggle.

Along the way, I'm pretty sure I broke the original one which got replaced with the exact same plug. That one then also started to go faulty a while back. If I had to find one fault with that particular plug, it would be the control unit for the vibrations; its on the end of an annoying short wire that runs from your butt and the unit is a bit cheap meaning it easily breaks if dropped. At its price point, it's definitely a case of getting what you paid for.

So on to today and testing out my new Hush...

Well, out of the box, it was clearly a lot better quality than my previous ones. I mean, at the cost that should be a given, right? That and the size of it were the things that struck me first. Even though I had ordered the "small" one, it was still considerably larger than anything else in my collection. I'm not going to lie, I was actually worried about if I would be able to handle it.

Of course, there was only one way to find and that was to try it!

Amanda agreed to come over and control the app for me. I could be wrong but I reckon that half of the fun is not knowing what comes next and its hard to do that when you are by yourself unless you just pick some random patterns. Having someone control it for you definitely seems like more fun to me, with them able to react to your feedback.

While she was on the way over, I did take the opportunity to watch Lovense's unboxing and tutorial video for the Hush. That was definitely worthwhile, if for no other reason than it explained which way to face the plug when it is inserted. Something the fair sparse instructions included in the box neglected to mention. As it turns out, the part of the base that curves up should be faced towards your back as that will give the best signal for whatever device it is connected to.

In my case, I tested connecting it to both my laptop and my phone and it did so with no problems at all. The app is actually free to download and anyone can make an account, so even if you are not a Lovense-owner yourself, you can still use it to connect to your partner's toys and take control of them... if they are brave enough to let you, of course.

With Amanda logged into the app on my laptop and ready to go, it was time for the moment of truth.

I may have gone overboard on the lube but I was taking no chances. And I'm glad that was the case. My first attempt to insert it did not go well at all. Maybe I tried to be a bit too gung-ho with it but my butt completely rejected it. I tried again,  a little more gingerly this time. It went a decent way in but I couldn't get it passed the widest point. I was feeling pretty worried by this point that my fears over the size of it were well-founded. But I took a moment to compose myself and re-lube before trying again. Third time was a charm and it slide all the way in, nestling nicely in place.

This brings me to one of my key observations. The shape of the base is so nice. Long and thin; it just sits perfectly in my ass crack and the plug feels so snug and secure - it gives me complete confidence that it is going absolutely nowhere. My previous plugs all have either round or oval based and it is only now that I realise how poorly they would sit in place. The Hush is infinitely more comfortable when located in my butt and I am actually less conscious of it being there because of the better fit. Well, until the buzzing starts!

So let's get on to that then...

As mentioned before, I had got it all setup before Amanda came over so I could check that it synced to the app ok and to generally just make sure it worked. But I'll admit that I also investigated some of the pre-programmed patterns as well. I didn't insert it so I was just holding it in my hand. What I noticed was that it was bloody powerful. As I ran some of the patterns, it started to make my hand go numb from the power of the buzzing. Even after turning the strength setting down to 50%, it still felt like it was going to be pretty brutal. I mean 50% power for the Hush was still way more than my other vibrating plug was capable of on max.

I trust Amanda so when I asked her to take it easy with me because I was a little worried about the power, I knew she wouldn't do anything crazy. Instead, she eased me in with low tickly rumbles, before moving on to more intense pulses. It felt really good. I mean reeeeeally good. There were times when I'd get a spike in intensity but it was nothing I couldn't handle. And having someone else control it really added to the fun, especially when I was caught off guard by those sudden short, sharp increases in intensity.

As I became more confident I could handle all of the Hush's power, I gave Amanda the go ahead to start unleashing its full might. Fuck me, it felt good, especially when it came out of nowhere (I cannot stress how good having someone else control it was).

A few times she did have me begging for mercy as she cranked it to max power and gave me a countdown until she would lower it down again. Don't get me wrong, it felt absolutely incredible as the rumbles flowed through my whole body and I didn't want it to stop, but there were times when I felt like it was just going to make me completely lose control. Too much of a good thing and all that...

That sort of intensity simply wouldn't have been possible with any of my other plugs even if their motors were capable of it. I am absolutely sure that they would have been then swiftly ejected from my butt. But the Hush did not move in the slightest, even when I was writhing and wriggling as Amanda was blasting me with full power for sustained periods of time.

It's fair to say that I absolutely love my new toy. It's not only met my expectations but absolutely smashed them. I love how it just oozes quality. I love how well it fits when in place. And there are no words to describe how much I love the buzzing across the spectrum of its power; its not just a linear increase in power, but the nature of vibrations change as well, which gives all sorts of wonderful variety.

I know buttplay isn't for all women, but I cannot recommend this highly enough to those that are in to it. It has really opened my eyes to how shit my previous plugs were and there is no going back to those now. There's only going to be one toy going in my butt from now on!

With that said, would I recommend the Hush to an anal newcomer? In a word, no.

As amazing as it is, it will be a struggle for some newcomers to take and may even put them off buttplugs altogether. In fact, I feel that Lovense have really dropped the ball with the Hush by having the Small and Medium plugs so close in size (there is no Large btw) with only 0.25 inch difference in maximum diameter. I really do think they should have made the Small a decent amount smaller (say 1.25 inch in diameter instead of 1.5 inch) to make it more appealing to first-time buttplug buyers who need something to ease them in. As shitty as some of my cheap plugs were, they at least did a good job of getting my butt accustomed to having something inserted.

One final point worth making; I grumbled before about the hassle of cleaning buttplugs after each session but actually this one was effortless to clean. I don't know if its just because it is better quality silicon or something else, but it was a pleasant surprise for sure. Coincidentally, one of my friends has recently been telling me I need to try a glass buttplug for a much better experience than with silicon, particularly when it comes to cleaning. I was planning to sooner or later but that's definitely been pu on hold for the time being because I am more than content to stick with my Hush for the foreseeable future.

To finish off, I'm just going to do something I wouldn't normally do and break the forth wall to mention how well the Hush works in 3DXChat from a gameplay point of view. If you don't want to spoil my usual in-character immersion, stop here...

OK, so I'm really just going list a bunch of thoughts here in no real order.

Firstly, it was super easy to sync my Hush to the game. I just used the app on my phone to scan the QR code in the game and away I went. The time I did that, I was prompted to update the firmware for my Hush but that was easily done in no time.

After that, it just worked. Most of the sex poses had some sort of vibration, even if for a few it didn't really make sense, such as while kissing on the couch. It is definitely worth mentioning that I'm pretty sure that both participants receive the same sort of vibrations, so if I was sucking a cock, I would feel the same thing as the guy would and, similarly, if I was getting my pussy licked, the guy would feel the same thing as I am. That's fine, I have no problem with that.

The vibrations are generally quite well adapted to match up with the various pose animations, although I actually found the foreplay ones to generally be more interesting. The fucking ones are nice but most of them are just a constant rhythm that keeps going and there isn't a huge variation, although some did a job of emphasising the type of thrusting that I would be receiving. The fingering and licking poses I tried tended to mix it up a little more because they have a more varied rhythm. Bizarrely, I also felt like when I was on back, legs spread with a couple of fingers in my cunt, I was getting a stronger buzz than when I was pinned down and getting pounded in missionary. Possibly it was my imagination but I don't think so.

Speaking of intensity, again it could have been my imagination, but it felt like in-game buzzes were not quite as strong as the Lovense app's patterns. That is certainly not a complaint as setting the pose speed to max was still plenty powerful. If it is genuinely the case, I think it is a good think. Less likely that someone may abuse their opportunity to wreck your holes.

A quirk that I noticed was that if my partner had quite a high speed set and then quickly reduced the speed mid-buzz, it would often draw out the length of the buzz to the duration of the new speed but with the intensity of the previous speed. That certainly led to a few interesting reactions from me.

The spanking poses were the ones where I did notice things were a little off. The buzz was not at all in sync with the animation and felt more like a tickle than a spank. The strength of that one definitely needs turning up a bit.

I also had a bit of weirdness when testing alone with Bob and Betty. I found that dragging the speed slider around often had no effect on what I was feeling. Instead I would have to just click on the new position for the slider instead of dragging. That was a little annoying.

As was having the vibrations continue to go after I'd exited the sex poses. It was just a low power, infrequent buzz but I found myself having to reload into the room to stop it.

I think that's everything I have to say so far. More testing definitely needed once my butt has had time to recover...

And if this review has convinced that you need a Hush or any other Lovense toy in your life, head over to the Lovense store to pick one up. You won't regret it!

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