Friday 25 June 2021

Buzz My Butt

Off the back of a completely spur of the moment decision to test out the Buzz My Butt room that I'd previously mentioned that I'd been toying around with (no pun intended), I opened up the room for a 1 hour impromptu test session to see how well the concept might work in practice.

To recap the concept, every visitor to the room gets the opportunity to roll my D6 dice. What ever number they roll, is the number of minutes that they get to control Lovense Hush for. Visitors get one freebie roll to get them started but can then purchase up to 3 more dice rolls if they really get into it.

It crossed my mind to drop a tweet on Twitter to let people know that I was open for business but I had 3 potential punters walk through the door within seconds of my flipping the closed sign over to open. Not wanting to risk getting overwhelmed whilst I was just testing the concept out, I decided to hold fire on making any sort of announcement or promoting the room at all.

The first guy through the door was very keen and rolled my dice whilst I was still squeezing my Hush into my tight but well-lubed ass. His free roll won him 5 mins of control. I took my place on stage, spread my legs for all to see my Hush buried in my butt and the buzzing swiftly commenced. He was a little timid at first but, with some encouragement from me, he started giving it to me a little harder and more intense. Very pleasurable for me, for sure.

I'll go as far as to say that he must have also enjoyed buzzing me immensely because, in addition to his free dice roll, he also purchased an additional 3 rolls that earned him a combined total of an additional10 mins of Hush control. That gave him a grand total of 15 mins fucking my ass. Good times.

A few others came and went during that time but none of them decided to give my dice a roll so there was a lull in activity after my first guest had finished all his buzzing. I tried my best to convince a few of them to get involved but they were obviously a bit too shy.

Only one other guest was brave enough to give my dice a roll. He scored 5 mins but, as fate would have, my Hush's battery died when he was down to the last 30 seconds. Annoying for sure but I'd just about hit the hour mark that I'd planned to open for so not a complete disaster. And with that my test opening was over.

Not really sure if I learned any lessons that I can use going forward to refine my room's concept. Probably I need to try a slightly longer opening next, maybe with a little bit of publicity via Twitter. I certainly don't want to let myself get overwhelmed with too many guests too quickly though. Keeping track of who has rolled what while I'm simultaneously getting ass punished by horny guys could be a challenge. Maybe an assistant is what I need to help with that.

And on the subject of being kept busy, I was only able to an uncharacteristically small number of pics to show you how what went on. For obvious reasons, I think. Sorry!

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