Wednesday 23 June 2021

Finally, another Masturbation Party

Seeing the Masturbation Party with it's doors wide open this evening was a most welcome site. I truly love this place but I've not seen it open for 4 or 5 months. It's always one of the first places that I check for, so, after months of disappointment, I was over the moon to get the chance to take part in some communal masturbation.

The place was pretty quite when I got there. Perhaps it had not been open that long. But that just meant that there were plenty of vacant rooms available for me to pick from. Not like in the past when there have been times when I've literally had to get my elbows out to claim a room as the prvious occupant leaves.

I picked one that was slap bang in the middle of the corridor. Not close enough to the entrance that I'd be hassled by time wasters that just want to have a quick nose around before doing one, but not too far down so that other genuine masturbators would be too bothered about taking a little walk down to join me.

And with that, my clothes started to come off and my fingers went to work.

The party was still pretty quiet so, for the most part, I was left undisturbed whilst my frenzied fingering quickly brought me close to orgasm. Or perhaps I did have some visitors but I simply didn't notice them as my horniness consumed my consciousness.

Regardless. as I slowed my fingers to really draw out the experience and edge my way to sexually release, I became more aware of my surroundings once more. A few guys poked their heads round the corner to admire me doing my thing. Their attention was always brief though as none of them chose to hang around to watch for long or even join me in a spot of self-pleasuring.

A craving for cum built within me as I saw a succession of hard cocks come and go. I would have loved for even just one of them to have walked over to me and given my a stick gift on my face as a thank you for turning them on with my horny body.

But, to my relief, one daring gentleman finally joined me. Funnily enough, he was the one guy who had not had his cock out when i walked into my room. He politely asked if he could admire me touching myself. Not only did I consent, but I lay back and spread my legs wide for him to see as much as possible.

A very noticeable bulge soon started to develop in his pants. It was no surprise then when he asked if I minded if he started masturbate along side me. Again, I gave consent. And even let him know that he was welcome to cum on me whenever he was ready to. He liked that offer very much.

As we lay there, each pleasuring ourselves, we spoke about how much we both enjoyed masturbating and how we both find massive sexual excitement in having others masturbate while admiring us. It really is a massive thrill to watch someone else get turned on to the extent that they cannot resit getting themself off.

I got much excitement from watching him stroke his very nice looking cock while he in turn enjoyed watching my fingers disappear deep into my wet cunt. He possibly mistook my attention being focussed on his cock as being a sign that I wanted it inside me and asked if I would like to fuck. I politely declined as this a party for masturbation, not for fucking, after all.

He then asked if licking me would be acceptable within the context of the party. There was a brief moment of consideration before I crawled over to him and carefully lowered my moist cunt onto his face.

Without hesitation, his tongue pushed itself inside me as he eagerly tasted my pussy juices. He was good. He was real good. As his tongue probed and stimulated all the right spots, his hands were busy as well. My clit, my buttcheeks and my tight little asshole all got some attention. I couldn't resist fucking his tongue by grinding on his face.

In return, I leaned reached forward as took his cock in my hand. It had started to lose some of it's hardness and that just wouldn't do. I jerked it back to full stiffness. Occasionally even teasing the head with a little bit of tongue action.

But, having already been on the edge of cumming before he joined me, I did not manage to stimulate him for long before his tongue pushed me over the edge and I came on his face, my pussy juicies soaking him.

After giving me a moment to compose myself, he told me that he was close to cumming too.

It would have been terribly rude for me not to return the favour after he just got me off so I got busy stroking his cock. Long strokes all the way from the base, up to the very tip and then back again, puncutated by short, intense bursts jerking just his head.

My spare hand cupped his balls, rolling them through my fingers and tenderly giving them a little squeeze. I toyed with the idea of maybe teasing his butt a little just like he had mine but he increasingly loud groans made it obvious that he was getting close to giving me that sticky treat that I had asked for earlier.

No time for buttplay then. Instead both hands firmly gripped his shaft, furiously beating him off, hard and fast. He begged me to make him cum.

Then he jumped to his feet. That could mean only one thing. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back and opened my mouth wide. Both of my hands continued wanking him as hard as I could.

A sudden judder and then I tasted his hot cum as he unloaded into my mouth. Multiple shots of cum filled my mouth as cum overflowed and ran down my chin before dripping onto my tits. Other shots missed my mouth entirely and splattered across my face.

I swallowed before opening my eyes. As I loosened my grip on his cock, he took over, squeezing out a few last drops which he flicked across my tits.

We thanked each other for a good time before he left me alone in the room again. As he left, I looked down at my chest to admire the mess he had made on me.

Running my fingers across my boobs, I scooped up what cum I could and then licked my fingers clean. I repeated for my face and then swallowed again. Yummy.

Despite my pussy now feeling quite satisifed by now, I was still craving some more cum. The only way I was going to earn that was by continuing to touch myself to hopefully turn on some of the other horny guests.

It worked to an extent. I had a few peeps, both men and women, pop into my room to admire me. Some just watch. Others touched themselves in response to what I was doing. None of them stayed for long though. And I certainly didn't get any more cum.

I waited and I waited but it just wasn't to be.

Soon I was the only person left at the party. With no-one left to keep me company, I focussed on myself again. I was feeling a little deflated that I had no-one else around for me to fap in front of but that didn't stop me from getting myself off again. I won't even try to pretend that it was as pleasurable as the first time tonight though. It felt a lot more like I was just going through the motions this time.

Regardless, I'd had a good night overall, even managing to receive some very impressive tongue action. And getting sticky from cum? Well that is just expected at one of these parties... Just a shame that Jess wasn't around to share in the stickiness as apart of a long overdue reunion of The Cream Team. Hopefully soon...

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