Tuesday 8 June 2021

Cafe und kuchen

Our evening out at Beans N Cream Cafe at the weekend was so enjoyable that I nagged Amanda into coming along with me for another caffeine-fuelled evening out there.

Upon arrival, we did have to wait quite some time for some service. Eventually the same server who was so kind to me the other night emerged from the back to greet us. Apparently, we'd been kept waiting because she had been dealing with water leak in the staff room. Terrible things, water leaks. Thankfully she managed to get a man to come and service her pipes. She must have been helping him out through, as she seemed a little flustered and out of breathe when she did finally come to greet us.

It was getting on in the evening so Amanda only ordered a tea. She doesn't believe in having coffee any later than the afternoon, you see. I, on the other hand, decided to go for something a little fancy and ordered myself a caramel macchiato to satisfy my need for caffeine and my sweet tooth.

Whilst our server, the lovely Mittens, was brewing our beverages, I had a good look at what baked treats were on offer. There were so many delicious looking cakes that I could not make my mind up as to what to get. I enquired as to whether Mittens had any recommendations. She suggested the yellow vanilla sponge would be a perfect complement to go with my caramel macchiato so I trusted her expertise.

Amanda also wanted a treat and settled on a cookie. She then quickly trotted back to our seats with her tea and cookie leaving me to have to foot the bill for both of us. Mittens was super kind yet again though, and gave us a discount so the whole think came to a mere $5, which is an absolute steal. Both my drink and food were simply delicious as well, making it even better value for money. Amanda approved of her's too.

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