Thursday 3 June 2021


Outercourse - "Sexual activity in which participants receive non-penetrative sexual pleasure. Some people consider outercourse everything but penis in vagina but more commonly it is considered to exclude penetration of any kind including fingers, sex toys, and anal sex.

This means that pretty much everything sexual you do that isn’t penetrative counts as outercourse. Think: making out, touching, dry humping, massages, external toy play, and some BDSM activities.

Whereas, foreplay implies that you are doing activities that proceed the real main event, outercourse can result in high arousal and orgasm. It implies that the sexual activity can start and end as outercourse. There's nothing that needs to proceed it or come afterward", Cosmopolitan.

"I'm dating this christian chick who's saving herself for marriage. It's not all bad though. We get to have outercourse. I just can't put it in her."

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