Tuesday 20 July 2021

An aborted strip club review

I was think to myself today, "Laura, you haven't reviewed a strip club for a while. You need to get your act together and do a public service to the community!"

In other words, I decided that I would review the first new strip club that I came across. As it happens, fate decided that that would be "The Gentlemen's Club". Terrible name, so off to a bad first start before I'd even walked through the door.

Don't worry, it got better from there. Once inside, I actually quite liked the place. No bright oranges, purples or greens like I see at so many other places. Instead it definitely had a certain cool factor.

I can't really say much more than that at this point though. You see, by forcing myself to go to the first strip join I saw, I foolishly didn't give myself any wiggle room to consider the time of day. And I'm pretty sure that a Tuesday lunchtime is not exactly going to be peak time for even the most popular of strip clubs.

There were plenty of sexy girls there ready to titillate, but without the punters and their cash, it's really not fair for me to try to judge this place. Instead, I will look out for it at a more sensible time of day to see what it truly has to offer.

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