Sunday 8 August 2021

International Female Orgasm Day 2021

Happy International Female Orgasm Day!!!

First celebrated in Brazil on 8th August 2005, International Female Orgasm Day was passed into municipal law as a holiday by a local councilman seeking to raise awareness of and promote female sexuality by making it law for husbands to give their wives an orgasm. Whilst that may sound a little silly, there broader aim was to help address the stigma and taboo conversations surrounding the female orgasm.

It soon spread around the world to countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and Germany which all join in in celebrating it annually. And, in case you missed it, all of the above countries now also celebrate the broader National Orgasm Day just a week earlier on 31st July which promotes orgasms for all!

Since the day is about awareness and conversation, I thought a good way to get into the spirit of having open and honest discussions about female orgasms was to ask a few women I respect to share something on the subject. I am massively grateful that they were all kind enough to agree to contribute a little something on a topic that can be extremely personal and I applaud them all for their willingness to be so open.

Of course, I would only ask others to share something on a topic that I myself am willing to speak on so I will get the ball rolling and from there you can see what some of my friends had to say...

"I found it very frustrating trying to get my first orgasm. I felt like I got close at times but, despite my best efforts, I just couldn't get there. I would lie in bed fingering myself, Sometimes I would even hump my pillow. My pussy would get so wet but I just couldn't cum. I had no idea that I needed a little extra help to make it happen.

Then one day I had the bright idea to try my fingers on my clit. Suddenly I started to feel sensations that were completely new to me. My pussy felt hot and tingly like never before. Like all my blood was rushing to my clit. I was completely lost in my horniness. And then I felt it deep inside me, rising up. It was finally happening and I felt it from head to toe. I was so happy that I didn't care that I had drenched my sheets...

"I think there is a misconception that the female orgasm is complex thus intimidating partners. We just have a few more avenues to get to that heightened pleasure than men and the way women get to that ultimate high maybe different from one woman to another. The main thing is to know your partner and what they like. Communication is key and exploring makes the fun that much better. Body language is a great communicator. If she reacts positively when being touched in a certain way make that mental note. Ladies don’t be afraid to verbalize your likes and guys/ladies don’t be afraid to ask your lady if something feels good to her. Keep it fun and exciting without getting technical in the heat of the moment. Try new things! Toys, roleplay, games, etc.

For me personally when I introduced Kegel exercises to my overall exercise routine years back, my orgasms really intensified both clitoral and vaginal. I always had intense clitoral orgasms with a vibrator or manually but vaginally would depend on how my partner was able to use his tool. After incorporating Kegel exercises to my routine, I specifically noticed a dramatic increase in stimulation and intensity in my vaginal orgasms during sex with boyfriends or being pleasured with a dildo. There is debate on whether Kegel exercises are beneficial for sex. My experience may not be the same for someone else. Kegel exercises have other great health benefits and are easy to do so why not give them a try? Your body will benefit from them and if it improves your sex life bonus!!"

“I don't particularly feel like I need to reach orgasm to be satisfied. I just don't want to feel pressured like I need to. I think it's one of those things that makes faking orgasms into a reality. It's an easy way to "get out" of the situation.

Men and women just biologically function differently from a pure basis of difference of natural sex. I can't tell how it is for a man just as how they can't tell how it is for us. And that's fine. But there should be respect involved and communication Trying to get through it together to achieve a level where everyone feels satisfied to some extent.”

“My favourite way to orgasm has always been on my knees. Burying my face in a pillow and thrusting my butt up into the air never fails to disappoint! Or kneeling upright in front of a mirror, watching my own hands on my body…”

"I am not sure why, but face sitting is my favourite position ever to orgasm. Just the feeling of being teased and same time being in control of situation gives me extra kick and when the heat starts to enter my belly, the feeling of mouth, nose and chin covering all my trench always sends me over the edge."

"My favourite way to bring myself to orgasm while playing with people on 3DX is my naughty little bullet vibe. It may be small but my god it packs a punch and it feels so amazing buzzing away pressed against my clit. And after edging with help from my fingers (and often playing with my own tits too!) it can send me into some truly leg quivering orgasms. A towel is regularly required if you catch my drift."

“While it is difficult for me to reach orgasm without a lot of work, my husband and I have reached a good balance in our relationship anyway. We just let it happen if we manage it.

I've not really watched myself having an orgasm in the mirror so I have to take his word for it, but my husband says I have a way of going stiff and flushing all over when I cum, and he loves it! But it does mean that I have a tell that I can't fake. if its just not working.”

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