Thursday 15 July 2021

Test driving my toy

Because Amanda is a forgetful silly billy, I didn't have access to my usual toy testing assistant last night. But important product research, such as trying out my new Lush 3, cannot be delayed. I am sure you are all eagerly awaiting my review of it, after all.

My solution to having an absent assistant was simple. Open up my room and welcome in a bunch of horny guys to take control on my toy instead.

With much haste, I made some quick adjustments to my Buzz My Butt room, replacing the the giant Hush with a giant Lush and renaming it to Buzz Me. (I really wanted to call it Buzz My Cunt but apparently I didn't have any spare Cs or Ns to stick up on the wall, grrrrrr)

Going into this, I really wasn't sure how useful this woul be for my review. As it turned out, results were mixed.

Despite being open for around 3hrs, I think I only had about a dozen guys at the very most take part so it was pretty slow with long gaps between getting buzzed. To make matters worse, four of the first six dice rolls were 1s! In each of those cases, I gave the guys a bonus minute because there was no point in me sitting idly waiting for my next guest when I could be getting buzzed instead.

Having opened at 10pm, I had planned to stay open til midnight. By 11pm, I really hadn't received anywhere near enough buzzing so I put the call out on Twitter for volunteers to come and help my research. I was genuinely hesitatant about doing that as I ws worried I might get overwhelmed by a sudden influx of my followers. The turnout so far had been so low that I was willing to put my fears aside as I desparately needed my volunteers.

My worries were unfounded though as it made little difference. Perhaps I had left it too late in the night at a time when many were thinking of going to bed (if they hadn't done so already).

The midnight closing time came and went but my doors remained open. By this point, my pussy was dripping wet and I hadn't received enough sustained buzzing to make me cum yet. I had been edged along through the night and now I just wanted to be finished off. Product testing had become an entirely secondary thought.

I gave it another half hour in the hope that I would get a few more visitors. I knew I was close so it wasn't going to take much more buzzing to make me cum. And as 0:30 approached, I decided that I would simply let the next visitor have unlimited time to get me over the finish line. I was sure it wouldn't take long.

No more visitors came though, so I reluctantly closed up and resorted to using some of the user-created patterns that are available on the app instead. I picked one called "Can you make it to the end".

Thankfully I didn't. I wasn't even close...

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