Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Cumstand / Selfie Swallow / Femdom Facial

Cumstand - "Similar to a snowball, but instead of cumming in a mouth that passes it to your mouth, you are cumming directly into your own mouth without the middle-woman or middle-man.", Urban Dictionary.
"She ditched out on me to wash her hair, so I'm doing the old Netflix and cumstand tonight."

Selfie swallow - "When you lay on your own back while hoisting your legs up over your own face and cumming in your own mouth then swallowing it.", Urban Dictionary.
"I was so horny I preformed a selfie swallow on myself."

Femdom facial - "A femdom facial is where the female instructs the male to prop himself upside down so his penis is above his mouth and she masturbates him until he cums onto his own face or open mouth. This is sometimes done while she fingers him or while pegging", Urban Dictionary.

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