Sunday 22 August 2021

Go Topless Day 2021

Held in the US on the Sunday nearest to Women's Equality Day, Go Topless Day is an annual event that highlights gender-equality for women. Depending on local laws, in some cities it will be a celebration event, in others it will be a protest event.

But what is it all for? Fundamentally, it is based on the idea that men can walk around bare-chested but women cannot. This double standard that allows things to be one way for men but another for women is not just plain unfair, but a breach of every women's constitutional freedoms.

Why do I care? First and foremost, simply because of the principle of it. To be clear, I am not advocating for women to go about their daily life without covering up. But, similarly, I don't feel that men need to strip off their shirts either. Equality means that things should be the same for both genders so if men can, then women should have that same right too.

But there is also a more practical reason as well. It is appalling the amount of grief that a mother can receive for the simple, but very necessary, need to breast feed her baby. At a time that can be extremely stress for mothers (and fathers too!), it is shameful that some people choose to target women who are just trying to do their best for their family. The stigma associated with breastfeeding in public is outdated and has no place in modern society.

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