Sunday, 5 September 2021

The Lovense Lounge delivers again

The Lovense Lounge swung its doors open once more last night and my expectations were high for another fantastic Lovense-themed event that everyone would be talking about.

I agonised for far too long over what outfit to wear. All I knew is that I wouldn't be wearing any panties so that I could easily slip my Lush in if anyone wanted to have a little play with it. Sadly, in the 5 hours that I managed to hang around for before the need for sleep became too much for me, I didn't get anyone ask to buzz me. I did have to offer a bit of technical support for one Lovense user who didn't quite understand what his toy could do though. Oh well..

The disappointment of not getting buzzed aside, I had a lot of fun. I strutted my stuff on the red carpet upon arrival, photobombed the legendary Lisa whilst she was chilling out, lounged around on top of the giant Lovense sign and toys, had a boogie on the heaving dancefloor with good friends and papped a bunch of community celebs. Pretty eventful, huh?

Oh, actually there was one other disappointment; no mint choc chip in the ice cream cabinet! Hopefully that will be rectified for the next event, whenever that may be. I suppose it will be a few months away. Fingers crossed they also add a giant Quake to the product zone so I can climb on top of that for some cheeky photos. And perhaps a demo zone where guests can have a chance to control volunteers' Lovense toys to give them a flavour of the sort of fun they could have if they were to pick one up for themselves. Nothing than a bit of hands on experience, trust me.

But seriously, a big well done to everyone involved in the organisation of yet another cracking event.

Oh, and as ever, if you want to pick up a Lovense toy for yourself, head over to their store and order now! You might even get a little bit extra off if you do it while their US Labor Day sale is still on!

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