Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Return of a familiar hangout?

I recognise this place as the Sluts Hideout of old. Not seen it open for absolutely yonks. I'm talking like almost 2 years ago at Halloween. Now it is the Underground Fuck Room.

I wonder if it is the same people still running it? Or is it another place that has been appropriated by someone new and completely unaffiliated with the original Slut Hideout?

Given the power of brand recognition, I'd wager that the new name is a clear indicator that it is in no way a continuation of the previous venue. I know it may have been a couple of years, but there will still be plenty of peeps like me who recognise the Sluts Hideout name so you wouldn't want to lose that unless you had no involvement in or awareness of its previois incarnation.

Either way, seems like not much has changed there... maybe just a few extra cobwebs in the corners and a layer out dust on everything.

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