Friday 1 October 2021

A pink toy for Pink October

When choosing my next Lovense toy to review, it seemed thematically appropriate to choose a pink one. It is now Pink October after all; a time of the year when I embrace the colour pink to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It was a close call between the Dolce (formerly the Quake) and the Nora. In the end, I decided to go with the one that is most dissimilar to anything that I had already tested to ensure that I give a nice bit of variety with my reviews. The Nora it is then!

Recent postal delays had me worried about when it might turn up on my doorstep. Fear not though, for not only has it arrived on time, but it is now fully charged, I have lube close at hand, my phone is set to silent and my diary has been cleared for the rest of the day. 

All of that can mean only one thing... It's time to let testing commence!

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